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Multi-function Attachments

  • forklift attachments
  • forklift attachments
  • forklift attachments

Multi-function Attachments Description:

Electric Forklift Attachments covers
Multi function clamp,
360°Rotating Bale Clamp,
Side movement device,
Push pull attachment,
3 stage mast with 4.1m lifting height.

Multi-function Attachments Specification:

1. Side movement device (available for both, 0.5ton and 1.0ton models). Move distance: 100mm.
2. Multi function clamp. It can be used to lift drums or cotton bales (available for both 0.5ton and 1.0ton models)
Min. diameter: 450mm, Max. diameter: 880mm (0.5ton model)
3. 360°Rotating bale clamp (available for 1.0ton model)
Min. diameter: 400mm, Max. diameter: 1000mm
4. Three stage mast with 4.1m lifting height  (available for 1.0ton model)
5. Push pull attachment (available for 1.0ton model)
Max. push distance: 1000mm
Packing of Electric Forklift


Multi-function Attachments Application:

Depending up on the job requirement, Morn electric forklift can be equipped with 5 different attachments.It is multifunctional to be used in farms, supermarkets, ware houses, cold storage, garment factories, electronic factories, and other auxiliary materials handling.

MORN Warranty
1. All our products are strictly produced according to ISO9001 quality standards.
2. Each product comes with a one-year manufacture’s warranty.
3. Spare parts will be replaced for free during the warranty period.
4. The warranty will begin from the time we receive the bill of lading.

MORN service
When you choose MORN, you get what you pay for —durable and reliable equipment, and a life long relationship.
1. All machines sold are re-tested before shipment.
2. A user-friendly English manual is provided to understand the machine, better.
3. Technical support, 24 x 7, by email, telephone, or video conferencing.
4. Door to door delivery service is available.
5. Full set of valid documents for your customer clearance.
6. Updation via photos during your order processing.

Order information:
1. Delivery time: Within 5-15 working days of receiving the order. This depends on the stock and product model(s).
2. Supply capacity: 500 units/month
4. Port: Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin, or any convenient port in China.
5. Payment terms: Cash, L/C, T/T, Western Union. If your preferred mode of payment is not listed here, please contact us.
6. Bespoke design, OEM, ODM service available.

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