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Small Electric Forklift CPD500

  • CPD500-mini-electric-forklift-0.4-0.5-ton
  • CPD500-mini-electric-forklift-0.4-0.5-ton
  • CPD500-mini-electric-forklift-0.4-0.5-ton

Small Electric Forklift CPD500 Description:

The CPD500 is an electric, counterbalanced forklift with a capacity of 0.5 ton. An energy saver, it is the chosen option for use in places like super markets, warehouses, container loading, well-paved parking lots, pharmaceutical industries, food industries, and more. 

1. Ultra-mini type electric forklift with over 21 national patents.
2. Small turning radius (just 1.65 m) makes it apt for working in narrow places.
3. Spacious and comfortable room for the driver to operate. Four wheels make it stable and comfortable for anybody to drive.
4. Rational distribution of each control system makes it easy for the driver to observe changes and manoeuvre the machine.
5. High quality adjustable seats for varied heights. 
6. A sturdy roof for protection against any objects that could fall from above. A powerful LED lamp alongside for working in dark spaces.
7. Various attachments available, depending on the nature of work.
8. Cost efficient; power consumption of 3 kW/h only. Plus a charge time of eight hours powers the vehicle for up to 10 hours. 
9. No pollution, low noise, and long life span.

Small Electric Forklift CPD500 Specification:


Name & Model No.

Electric Forklift CPD500

Power type

Battery Operated

Operating Way

Seat Type

Rated Loading

Maximium lifting height2200(mm)
Minmium turning radius1200(mm)
Door frame tilt angle8/8 (deg)
Lifting speed480/460 (mm/s)
Falling speed400 (mm/s)
Driving speed12(km/h)
Load center distance300(mm)
Turning wayElectric poweror mechanical steering
Total weight820(kg)
Lifting motor power2.0(kw)
Driving motor power1.2(kw)
Braking systemdrum brake on front wheel
Minimium ground clearance80mm
Vehicle length1350(mm)
Vehcile width760(mm)
Vehcile height1780(mm)
Wheel base890(mm)
Wheel track(front andrear wheels)620/580(mm)
Specification of the front wheel15×4½-8
Specification of the back wheel3.50-5
Battery12V/170Ah×4 (V/Ah)
Every battery charging time8/10(hour)
Working times for per full charge≤8 (hour)

Inputing voltage for the battery charger

220 (v)



Small Electric Forklift CPD500 Application:

The CPD500 can be used in farms, supermarkets, ware houses, cold storage, garment factories, electronic factories, and other auxiliary materials handling.

Depending up on the job requirement, the CPD-500 can be equipped with 5 different attachments.





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