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Australia Customers visit our company

Author: Date:10/08/14

October, 9th, 2014, there are two Australians come to visit our company for inspecting the producing and working of the forklifts ordered by them.

Here are the photos of the forklift and wheel loader ordered by them:

morn customers visit

morn customer visit

During the visiting process, they follow us to see each parts making for the forklifts and show their high interested in the forklifts making process,  following are some photos taken by them for your reference:



forklift making

forklift making

After visiting the whole factory of our company, they ordered another two sets electric forklift for the supermarket using and pay us in cash, they said that they will order more sets forklift from us if they need in the near future, as they think they have had found a good supplier in China for the forklifts.

They will enter into a long business relationship with us! We are both pleasant for this business.

After the lunch, we take some photo together for celebrating today’s successful cooperation.


My dear partner, you know, for today’s success, i met so many problems before they finalizing their order.

But, I feel really happy and comfortable when i hear the inspired words from my clients and think every effort i made is worth, i success, our company success and know by the clients from Australia and our products will be used over the seas, they will be used by more and more clients from all around the world, the quality of our forklift will say words!

So, let’s cheers, my partner!

Let’s believer everything is possible!

Let’s insist that we will be the leader of the forklifts making in China!