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The LDD series road roller pass CE attestation

Author: Date:10/10/14

 The LDD series road roller that MORN builds in the near future, waits for a product to pass CE attestation , gains the permission exporting European Union.

That the LDD series entire hydraulic pressure pair of steel wheel shakes a road roller is to adopt the abroad advanced technology and the entrance key component and part entire hydraulic pressure pair of steel wheel shakes a road roller, be fit to stabilize soil , bitulith in road surface project of all kinds mainly, the dry concrete waits for the material compaction, ideal compaction equipment also may be used for roadbed engineer operation , being a highway , railroad , airport , harbor , dike and dam , municipal engineering and industry space building advanced level.

 Its main function characteristic is:

    Cummins B series hydro-cooling diesel, the power reserve modulus is big;

    Quiet hydraulic pressure satisfies a wheel going on foot from hydraulic pressure motor drive, two blocks infinitely variable speeds;

    Pair of frequency double width vibrator, adopt entrance post squeezes the pump and the motor in , the technology is advanced;

   Join get lost , distinctive crab line organization , flexible with a hinge;

    Have wet dyadic multiple-disc arrester built-in , cut off the oil skid , safety reliably;

    Complete machine attractive appearance adopt flow line design , preposition control board has fine ken;

   The driver's cab capacious and comfortable , pair of steering wheel pair of drivings seat , operation go to the lavatory;

   The electricity charges driving force watering system, high-capacity glass fiber reinforced plastics water box.

So far, MORN build already have land leveler PY220C-2 , PY180D-2 , PY180C-2 , PY165C-2, entire hydraulic pressure ShanGang wheel LSD212H , entire hydraulic pressure pair of steel wheel LDD212H , LDD210H , LDD208H, four series 9 types road roller product such as tyre road roller YL16G has passed CE attestation.

It has indicated MORN building the European Union of machinery completely in keeping with in the field of safety , hygiene , environmental protection and consumer protection etc. standard , has opened the entrance door for MORN builds a product entering Euro market all round.